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April 01, 2007


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wanting to order some of your peanut butter, do you have sample to try.

Kathy McAley

Thanks for your comments. Mine is on order and I can't wait. I am a Weight Watcher and PB2 will make a big difference in my program. Thanks. Kathy


I having been using PB2 for a couple of years. Being on WW plans, this totally gives my peanut butter a fix. Try splitting the cost with a friend if you are unsure. I love it!

Puma Clyde

These look great! I recently read a recipe in Bon Appetit that added a huge pat of butter to the inside of a burger! I'm glad to see something that doesn't rely on so much fat for flavor, haha.

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Try splitting the cost with a friend if you are unsure. I love it!

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